Man, I Feel Like a Woman! Or… a Beer…

After a rough start to the day – or in Friar Rod’s case, a continuation of the previous  evening – the boys are pleased that Congress is finally addressing the most serious issue facing our nation today – Taylor Swift Tickets!

The World Cup begins today. Until a couple of days ago nobody actually cared. But now, Qatar has decided that unless you happen to be a wealthy oil sheik, you cannot have a beer at the games. The director of FIFA has made it clear that this makes him  feel like a… Woman???

And Rabbi Dave got an eMail with the solution to his problem with leg cramps!



1 thought on “Man, I Feel Like a Woman! Or… a Beer…

  1. little late to the conversation but cyclist/endurance athletes have been using pickle juice for years to control cramps after long hard efforts. You can actually buy product in small plastic bottles (just the juice) rather than purchasing pickles

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