People Are Dying In Ukraine and All That…

Like the famed Salmon of Capistrano, the Rabbi and the Friar have survived the “Winter of Death!” The problem is that now that the germ we shall not mention ever again is erased from the politics of the day, there is another to take its place.

Rabbi Dave has a technical question about making decisions from feelings rather than from science and how that effects both breakfast and NCAA Swimming championships. Meanwhile the Good Friar has a new… well… not quite girlfriend, but not quite… well.. it’s just weird.

In Ohio, a couple of GOP senatorial Candidates prove that Dave was right all those years ago about the need to spice up political debates. And no matter what the boys have to talk about, there are people dying in Ukraine and all that…


3 thoughts on “People Are Dying In Ukraine and All That…

  1. Gentlemen: To add to the discussion on Irish Whiskey, locally in 2 grocery store there are these brands. Hell Cat Maggie, Paddy’s. Proper Twelve, Tullamore Dew, Jamesons, Bushmills, Sextons. For Dave, if you base your selection of spirts is only on proof( alcohol percent) then you might consider Everclear(190 proof), Bacardi’s 151 proof, or Wild Turkey( 101 proof).


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