Terrance Trent D’Arby

Back in June of 1987, almost forty years ago, in case you weren’t feeling old already, a fellow by the name of Terrance Trent D’Arby released his first solo album, which he then described as “the most important album since Sgt Peppers.”

He was of course, over exaggerating, but on purpose because he wanted to make a point. Then he died and to this day nobody understanding the point he was trying to make. We aren’t likely to figure it out because, as he said, “Sometimes you just have to hit people over the head with it.”

This helps explain why Robert Kraft got away with going to a Massage Parlor. Or as as we now refer to them, a “Spa.”

Digital rights are all the rage right now, for pretty much anything you can convince a fool to buy. And in the weather, Waterspouts are attacking the Coast of Washington State.

It’s all a great big ball of What the Frock????


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