Darwin Awards

After a couple of weeks of deafness, Dave can finally hear again. Also, we no longer have to wear facemasks.


The cancelling of dead white guys who contributed to society and science continues, as now even Charles Darwin finds himself on the chopping block for being a racists, sexist, misogynist who shouldn’t be remembered for anything else.

The Good Friar and the Rabbi are here to help you step up your dating game!


Terrance Trent D’Arby

Back in June of 1987, almost forty years ago, in case you weren’t feeling old already, a fellow by the name of Terrance Trent D’Arby released his first solo album, which he then described as “the most important album since Sgt Peppers.”

He was of course, over exaggerating, but on purpose because he wanted to make a point. Then he died and to this day nobody understanding the point he was trying to make. We aren’t likely to figure it out because, as he said, “Sometimes you just have to hit people over the head with it.”

This helps explain why Robert Kraft got away with going to a Massage Parlor. Or as as we now refer to them, a “Spa.”

Digital rights are all the rage right now, for pretty much anything you can convince a fool to buy. And in the weather, Waterspouts are attacking the Coast of Washington State.

It’s all a great big ball of What the Frock????

The Unforgivable Sin

In the religion of Wokeness, there are no forgivable sins. In the world of Rabbi Dave, there is at least one unforgivable sin – calling him on the cell phone, especially after 10pm.

But for those who have dared to offend the woke god , there is seemingly no way out, except for repeated pacification offerings that don’t really do anything except calm the god down for a short while, until the next great offense comes along to rekindle the outrage from the same people who are snarfing down junk food at night while claiming to be vegans all day long.

Or… it could just all be a big misunderstanding because your wife was concerned about her brain leaking…

Logan’s Run

What started as a discussion over the Twitter Profile of a Congressional candidate in North Carolina, led to a long and winding road for the Good Friar and the Rabbi. From the concept of “free will” leading to the idea of the “Social Gospel” which in turn leads to perceived existential threats drove economic interests that seemingly had little to nothing in common with religious interests to unite to oppose common threats.

And developed into the religious-political entities that for the past FOUR decades have opposed the older religious-political entities.

So in a world where we are told to keep religion out of our politics, what happened?


You Need to Take the Religious Left Seriously This Time

The “Social Gospel”

Jasime Beach-Ferrara Twitter Page

The Oxygen Will Be All Gone in a Billion Years

Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, Benjamin Fredmdan


The freedom to criticize opera is one of the most fundamental rights we have in this country. What you do not have the freedom to do is to sing along. They (Opera people) hate that.

The Internet of Stuff has taken over our lives… and now our afterlives.

And in what should become the most epic opera since “A True Daughter of the Party,” Helen Hywater and Caroline Nesbitt have created the most incredibly entertaining argument in the history of broccoli casserole…