Logan’s Run

What started as a discussion over the Twitter Profile of a Congressional candidate in North Carolina, led to a long and winding road for the Good Friar and the Rabbi. From the concept of “free will” leading to the idea of the “Social Gospel” which in turn leads to perceived existential threats drove economic interests that seemingly had little to nothing in common with religious interests to unite to oppose common threats.

And developed into the religious-political entities that for the past FOUR decades have opposed the older religious-political entities.

So in a world where we are told to keep religion out of our politics, what happened?


You Need to Take the Religious Left Seriously This Time

The “Social Gospel”

Jasime Beach-Ferrara Twitter Page

The Oxygen Will Be All Gone in a Billion Years

Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, Benjamin Fredmdan


The freedom to criticize opera is one of the most fundamental rights we have in this country. What you do not have the freedom to do is to sing along. They (Opera people) hate that.

The Internet of Stuff has taken over our lives… and now our afterlives.

And in what should become the most epic opera since “A True Daughter of the Party,” Helen Hywater and Caroline Nesbitt have created the most incredibly entertaining argument in the history of broccoli casserole…