How To Murder Your Husband

When it’s November in his soul, Rabbi Dave gets morose. Friar Rod provides some therapy and counseling, because that’s what Frockmen do…


King Louis’ Dirty Derriere

On the morning after the Ludi Romani, Rabbi Dave is feeling a bit under the weather. Unusually, The Good Friar Cook is feeling just fine. The Internet is rapidly becoming a place of censorship and idea control by using the magic phrase “content moderation…”

Rabbi Dave has a set of questions that are guaranteed to get a “COVID-19 Informational” box slapped on the post by Facebook. The poet e.e. cummings is in the news and Dave HATES one particular patriotic song and the reason involves the French King Louis XIV’s dirty butt.

Slated to Be An Historic Day!

Sixteen years ago was a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, where Rabbi Dave is. Today is also a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. And once again it is slated to be an historic day in a southern hellhole. 

Harvard has decided to stop even pretending that they believe in God, while Lester Holt has decided to not ask relevant questions about saving lives.

Eating hot dogs is bad for you, Christo is dead, but that isn’t stopping him from creating art for you to enjoy. And the Vice President went to Vietnam.


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before… masks are back and better than ever! Apparently OnlyFans has tired of making gobs and gobs of money. It’s either that or there is something more nefarious afoot. Mad Scientists are growing brains in Petri dishes and Woke culture is turning everything to… well… you know…


Sex Crabs

After an unexpected week off, Rabbi Dave headed for the hills, while Friar Rod was busy donating platelets and trying to keep his daughter out of jail.

The boys return just in time for another useless mask mandate, which has them a bit on edge. football, bit American and European, is underway, and it was NOT a good start to the season and another useless start for the American version. Meanwhile, Hermit crabs are getting frisky and State Patrol Officers are trying to explain what they missed in North Carolina.

See those birds up there in the air? They might not be real…