This Is Merely Odd

The Rabbi and the soon-not-to-be-a Friar are back to complain about teenagers and alarm clocks, Tik Tok and pre-season NFL football. Plus they get into the latest developments in the Ukraine War, the Yellowstone National Park body count, why medieval Friars were some of the most disgusting people to ever live, and Alec Baldwin who needs to be careful about what he is shooting at!

It’s a brand new episode of What the Frock!

Entemann’s Chocolate Donuts

Rabbi Dave is an a mood today. “Why?” the Good Friar Rod will ask? Because Dave had dreams that were smashed by his twelve year old son. 

Meanwhile there is a bigger question. Is it actually possible that some of our political “leaders” really are as stupid as they sound? Or is it all just an act, because, seriously, you would have to be a moron to actually believe some of the things that they are saying in public.

John Hinckley, Jr… you know, the guy that shot the President… is having a tough go of things lately. He want to perform his original music at concerts for which people will pay him gobs of money, but the venues keep cancelling his shows because, well… he’s still John Hinckley, Jr. Of course, you can probably guess who’s fault this all is…

Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger. Who says so? Well… that would be the FBI. The same FBI that I am told is lying about everything else…

NASA is headed back tot he moon, but sans actual astronauts. It’s a test of the new system that cannot be duplicated on Earth.

Meanwhile, Dave still doesn’t have an Entemann’s chocolate donut…


Alex Jones Lips

Rabbi Dave goes to a casino and actually wins! So why is he having an issue with it? Meanwhile the Good Friar pushes Dave’s buttons when it comes to callers to Talk Radio shows, which was supposed to be a rant about “being crazy for money” on the air. That’s Dave’s pet theory for how people like Hal Sutton and Alex Jones get millions of dollars from stupid people.

If your nickname is “Redbeard,” you probably shouldn’t steal a parrot.  Never trust a scientist, especially a French  one with a Twitter account.

The Jenner’s and the Kardashian’s are having a spat over lips, while one of their friends is wearing a new bikini that has some people, not Rod and Dave, upset.

All this week on What the Frock?


Oregon… Keep Right

At long last the summer voyages are over and the Rabbi and the Friar have returned.

After four thousand miles across the country at 80mph because nowadays that is “safe,” and a couple of gas stops in Oregon, Dave has a serious message for America. Listen up, because you need to hear this and this nations drivers need to their act together and start driving like we’re supposed to.

In the ensuing days, Dave managed to get his Facebook account nuked. Or maybe not. Who knows? Facebook isn’t saying. But it’s now absolutely clear where that line which cannot be crossed is found.

The parties in New York City have found a new home, and the entire state of Oregon is just flat out stupid. All of you.

And just in case you really didn’t want to know about it, AOC is mad and Samantha Bee is at long last going away…

Nancy’s Giant… Balloons

For the moment, at least, the Rabbi and the Friar are back. Rod’s voice is now fully recovered and there is much to catch up on.

Dave is convinced that he has the world’s dumbest cat, while he also has some travel advice if you’re coming to the Pacific Northwest.

Fireworks were entertaining on the 4th of July, and it turns out that Nancy Pelosi has really big… well… breasts.

Refrigerators are being opened by Instagram models and stupid people are hiring fake hit men.

All this week on What the Frock?