The Reign of Confusion

After a very confusing week, Rabbi Dave and Friar Rod are back to tell you what they are confused about, including some people nobody has any idea who are trying to censor other people that everybody knows who is. Video games are dangerous and the US Navy has… well… an explanation(?) of an odd and confusing thing that also happened.


2 thoughts on “The Reign of Confusion

  1. “I’m confused why these people want to make somebody else shut up?”

    Because they can… or they *think* they can… and the power of censorship appeals to those with weak ideas or ideals.

    “Don’t challenge me. I’m right.
    Don’t challenge me. I am incapable of defending my stance on logic.”
    Don’t challenge me. I will create a bandwagon of fickle approval for others who think like me.”

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