Booncherd Boonrod

The English Language has certain rules of grammar, which are pretty much universally ignored, especially in cases where heads are being lopped off.

There is some film awards show tonight, but more important things are afoot. A one hundred year plus mystery is finally solved, while the news breaks that the Government IS in fact, spying on us. Just not the part of government you’d expect.




It’s Lupercalia!

For those of you still stuck in the 21st Century, that’s the pagan Rome celebration of whipping women and then “romancing” them for an entire year that later was replaced by Valentine’s Day, a celebration of a creepy old dude getting his head cut off after professing his love for a formerly blind jail-keepers daughter!


Also Coyotes from both Florida and Silverdale are involved because it wouldn’t be Lupercalia without them!