What the Funk?

The Olympics are all the rage these days. But viewership is way down. Is it because of the “woke” culture or are there some other factors at play here?

The Delta death variant is now upon us. This time around, we are being told that masks are the ONLY thing that can possibly save humanity from complete and utter destruction.

Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet. Webbed and stinky feet. But at least he still has his balls, unlike Florida man…



Rabbi Dave and Friar Cook are back from their three week sabbatical!

It was quite the road trip for Dave, but at least NASA and the FAA didn’t change the rules on his mission right before he blasted off. Facebook doesn’t seem to know anything about gardening, but really who’s surprised?

And there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why you don’t understand what JaBiden had to say about… something…