What’s the 4-1-1?

Welcome to 2023. New year, same old weirdness. Telephone Operators who man the 4-1-1 lines are now out of a job. We have a big list of things that will probably happen in 2023. Or not.

The Two Princes of England has us rooting for Oliver Cromwell to make a comback.

No matter what Tik Tok tells you, putting potatoes in your socks is stupid. Almost as stupid as people who call 9-1-1 (which we should also retire) because they can’t delete a voice mail.

It’s the first episode of a new year for What the Frock?


This Is Merely Odd

The Rabbi and the soon-not-to-be-a Friar are back to complain about teenagers and alarm clocks, Tik Tok and pre-season NFL football. Plus they get into the latest developments in the Ukraine War, the Yellowstone National Park body count, why medieval Friars were some of the most disgusting people to ever live, and Alec Baldwin who needs to be careful about what he is shooting at!

It’s a brand new episode of What the Frock!

The President’s Big Stick

It is definitely NOT Father’s Day, but that doesn’t make what is being said by the Presidents, the Mayor of Seattle or some (we assume) chick on Tik Tok make anymore sense…

Blowing a Three Run Lead
Dave Bowman
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Joe Kelly’s Slider
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The Edge of Everything
Dave Bowman
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