Better Than Sex

Dave and Rod are becoming concerned that there is a reason that the media is ignoring the Biden gaffes, but not trying to cover them up. It’s almost like they want us talking about them which is very unlike the media under previous Presidents.

Meanwhile, life aboard a submarine is nothing like what it says in the article about what life aboard a submarine is like. And apparently people are confused by the concept of “meat.”

It’s really hard to believe, after the debacle that was the Super Bowl ads, but now more people than ever are participating in the annoyance that is ASMR. And now we learn than many of these idiots actually believe that ASMR is better than sex…


The Most Common Side Effects

The Rabbi & The  Good Friar take a look at the most common side effect of the COVID-19 Vaccine,  which Rod has gotten, but Dave has not. The shot, not the side effect.

Meanwhile, in an  attempt to offend pretty much everybody, the guys talk about a woman in  Colorado, who happens to be an affirmed and ordained minister (just like the  guys!) who has a… well… a different approach to getting peoples attention that  is outside the norm generally accepted for preachers. Is she wrong? Of course  not! That’s what “affirming” means!

It’s the 123rd  Birthday of the US Navy’s Submarine Force. So Dave is happy… ish…