Dr. Fauci, White Courtesy Phone… Paging Dr. Fauci…

Rabbi Dave and Friar Rod celebrate the final end… maybe… of one of the most ridiculous public policies to ever be inflicted on Americans since prohibition. The Mask Mandates have at long last (not you, Hawaii) clunked to their end. Mind you, literally nothing has changed except for a single memo making the rounds that makes it clear it was NEVER about the science.

Dave has managed to get himself appointed to his HOA Board. why, you may ask? THIS is why… From the “Who Are These People” file, Chelsea Manning is in the news again… and also in a red bikini. Meanwhile Tchaikovsky, who died in 1893, is being cancelled. Because he was a Russian…


Day By Day

Rabbi Dave is joined by the newly minted Jedi Knight Rod who recently joined the Church of the Jedi to ask a few questions, which is what goliards do.

Were the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by an air burst weapon, ala Tunguska? A recent scientific paper says that it happened just that way. But don’t just follow that science quite so fast!

No one ever expects the Ninjas. Especially in the middle of the night on a Special Forces base in California. And in the great tradition of the “White Canvas” art movement, a Danish artist has decided that the best art is the art of theft.

In 1944 a US Airborne trooper did his wounded buddy a solid. Years later he discovered that his actions that day had become legendary. And delicious.

We have a bunch of new listeners thanks to the comic strip Day by Day, which will feature the show this week.

Father’s Day (For Real this Time…)

“Plausible deniability” is the goal of the day as it turns out that Friar Cook not only is a potential domestic terrorist, but appears to already be on more than one “list” for those organizations tasked with rooting out the extremists.

Meanwhile, it is Father’s Day, this time for real! Rabbi Dave has his cinnamon rolls and is living the good life today, but is sans clothing really the way to go today?

Follow the Science says that left turns should be verboten!

Hunter Biden has a new career, which is better than having somebody crap on your lawn.

Norwich City and Newcastle United will play each other this season for the first time in three years. This necessitates a bet between the Friar and the Rabbi which literally nobody else on the planet outside of the Yellow Army and the Toon Army will actually care about.