Waiting for the Tour de France

The Rabbi and the Friar are here to talk about Cyberwar and the idea that we are already in the opening phases of World War III. In July of 1914, most of Europe showed almost no concern over the exploding crises in Serbia, at least until the our de France was over. Then the proverbial schtuff his the rotating air movement device.

Some Americans, far too many of them “Republicans” aren’t just concerned about COVID, they are willing to full Stalin on us. Never go full Stalin…

California has gone bat s**t crazy, again, and the people of Wal-Mart bring us the sentence of the year (so far…)

Happy Freaking New Year

It’s 2022. Sorry, but we thought that we were supposed to be dead, so we didn’t plan much for this first show of the “Winter of Death!”

Dave is feeling morose over the prospects of the new year. It’s been a rarity in his long life, but this seems like the perfect year to throw anther World War. Rod has some new equipment and some issues with idols and mannequins, while watching some of the nonsense over the “insurrection: has the boys saying “WTF?”


In the early part of the 20th Century, there was a great opportunity to change things for the better. Instead, one man saw a chance to gain personal power and prestige and in the process, brought destruction and devastation while unleashing the worst mass killer in the history of humanity.

Lessons were not learned, and today an eighty-year old geriatric doctor hold sway over what happens to millions of people pretty much all of whom think that he should have retired back in the 1980s.

The Round Mound of Rebound has a great idea that would convince Dave to actually buy tickets to see NBA games. Meanwhile Rod is deeply concerned about trees farting.

And what was the worst year to be alive?