The Venn Diagram Ménage à Trois

Rabbi Dave is having a tough time of things. Some of you… and you know who you are… have hurt his feelings. Meanwhile the Vice President of the United States has a weird sexual inclination. And she’s willing to openly discuss it, while cackling and clearly thinking about pushing the old guy off the stage. The Paul Pelosi story is weird. I think that we can all agree on that, even if you actually believe that some random undocumented Canadian nudist broke in and just whacked him with a hammer without any reason whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Friar Rod’s bird is finally free! Twitter is now a fully owned subsidiary of Elon Musk who is busy firing a bunch of Data Engineers.

Halloween is bringing out the attention whores, including one who is entertaining dead people, while Russia is having major problems with its entertainment industry, specifically comedy. Which might be an opening for Rabbi Dave?

And while the airlines are going to make the seats even smaller, a discussion ensues as to exactly and specifically why Dave hates to fly.

All this week on What the Frock?, your fashion industry podcast leader!



Is it the end of the world as we know it? With all these international brouhaha going on these days, it seems like we might be. Part of the problem is that some people ever thought that podcasts were anything other than radio to begin with. Seriously.

Rabbi Dave got a new cell phone, and at long lost, his greatest dream has been achieved!



Adieu, Mr. Earl Jones

On this sad day, the Rabbi and the Friar lament the departure of James Earl Jones, the very voice of Star Wars and King Jaffe Joffer.

Meanwhile there was no military coup in west Taiwan on Friday, so why did so many people believe that there had been one? The answer is becoming increasingly a problem, as Social Media once against demonstrates its scary ability to put information – bad or good – out there in a hurry.

Have you tried the latest Social Media challenge, “Sleepy Chicken?” Of course not. Because you are not a moron. If you’re going to divorce your wife, don’t ask for a divine trial. She’s not a witch…

Dogs & Cats

As the world prepares to celebrate “Victory Day,” it will seemingly have an extra emphasis in places where people hate Nazis. And just who are these Nazi’s? You might think it would be rabidly anti-Semitic totalitarians, but it turns out it pet lovers.

Elon Musk might have purchased Twitter for a single reason – to troll one specific politician. In any case, there is a specific reason why the political Left is losing its collective mind over him, and it’s not really about Free Speech…

The Rabbi and the Friar have your news that nobody cares about, all on a May Day episode of WTF?

When Did Life Become a Tom Clancy Novel?

As the world turns, things are getting really, and we mean really, weird! The word which we no longer say is making a comeback, complete with robot dogs threatening grandma. Russia finally has an explanation for the reasons behind its invasion of Ukraine, and it’s definitely not what we thought it would be. The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo once entertained us with some science fiction fantasy. But Rabbi Dave is become increasingly concerned about Friar Rods AI life…