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As the world prepares to celebrate “Victory Day,” it will seemingly have an extra emphasis in places where people hate Nazis. And just who are these Nazi’s? You might think it would be rabidly anti-Semitic totalitarians, but it turns out it pet lovers.

Elon Musk might have purchased Twitter for a single reason – to troll one specific politician. In any case, there is a specific reason why the political Left is losing its collective mind over him, and it’s not really about Free Speech…

The Rabbi and the Friar have your news that nobody cares about, all on a May Day episode of WTF?

When Did Life Become a Tom Clancy Novel?

As the world turns, things are getting really, and we mean really, weird! The word which we no longer say is making a comeback, complete with robot dogs threatening grandma. Russia finally has an explanation for the reasons behind its invasion of Ukraine, and it’s definitely not what we thought it would be. The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo once entertained us with some science fiction fantasy. But Rabbi Dave is become increasingly concerned about Friar Rods AI life…



To be absolutely 100% crystal clear, the Rabbi and the Friar hate each other. Deeply.

In the meanwhile, World War III is getting scarier by the moment, although its not without it’s entertaining moments, such as the Chechnyan Special Attack Squad that managed to get itself trapped in an elevator. Or the Babushka with a jar of pickles and a Russian drone that she didn’t want buzzing her. On the down side, the Russians have arrested a major US Basketball “star,” and for the last three weeks have kept her in jail as a “high profile hostage.”

Down in Texas, where the Formal ISIS Unitarians gather each Sunday to have affairs and make threats, things are a bit confused about just exactly who is the “victim” in all of this?

Two very good looking Americans are locked in an isolation chamber for a NASA experiment and know nothing of what is going on in the world right now. The problem? Where is the chamber…?

Because of the Ukraine Situation

Rabbi Dave has been banned from Facebook because of the Ukraine situation? Well… not exactly, but maybe?

The Russians have gone full Putin, and now the world is sitting on the edge of a nuclear madman’s stability. Dave lives just a few miles from a major target, but in the era of Mutal Assured Destruction (MAD), is anybody really safe from one mans insanity?

John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, has made it clear that he is unhappy about the way the Ruskies are throwing up a bunch of CO2 which is bad. Especially if you’re trying to seduce your young wife with a romantic evening of love…

Gal Gadot once sang the John Lenin hit, “Imagine” to try and achieve world peace. Oddly enough it did not work. But not AnnaLynn McCort, who apparently was once on TV, is bemoaning that she did not get the chance to be Vlads mommy.

And all of this is because of the Ukraine Situation…