Biggus Dickus

Are you easily offended (or don’t like Monty Python)? Then you most definitely do not want to listen to the most offensive and sacrilegious episode ever of What the Frock… which was definitely – no doubt about it – not recorded on an Saturday evening, but rather a usual Sunday morning even though the boys are drinking early on a Sunday morning, not a late Saturday night where they are just pretending it’s Sunday morning… 


Absurd Arguments (in Pirate)

Rabbi Dave replaced his computer this week, so of course the sound inputs aren’t working correctly… the absurdity of the “Religious Exemption” to the vaccine mandate is pretty obvious when you think about it, even to a Christian Scientist (which is NOT a Scientologist). The best argument for an exemptions is to just be a politician!

It’s a “Talk Like a Pirate Day” episode of What the Frock!

Booncherd Boonrod

The English Language has certain rules of grammar, which are pretty much universally ignored, especially in cases where heads are being lopped off.

There is some film awards show tonight, but more important things are afoot. A one hundred year plus mystery is finally solved, while the news breaks that the Government IS in fact, spying on us. Just not the part of government you’d expect.


The Most Common Side Effects

The Rabbi & The  Good Friar take a look at the most common side effect of the COVID-19 Vaccine,  which Rod has gotten, but Dave has not. The shot, not the side effect.

Meanwhile, in an  attempt to offend pretty much everybody, the guys talk about a woman in  Colorado, who happens to be an affirmed and ordained minister (just like the  guys!) who has a… well… a different approach to getting peoples attention that  is outside the norm generally accepted for preachers. Is she wrong? Of course  not! That’s what “affirming” means!

It’s the 123rd  Birthday of the US Navy’s Submarine Force. So Dave is happy… ish…


Logan’s Run

What started as a discussion over the Twitter Profile of a Congressional candidate in North Carolina, led to a long and winding road for the Good Friar and the Rabbi. From the concept of “free will” leading to the idea of the “Social Gospel” which in turn leads to perceived existential threats drove economic interests that seemingly had little to nothing in common with religious interests to unite to oppose common threats.

And developed into the religious-political entities that for the past FOUR decades have opposed the older religious-political entities.

So in a world where we are told to keep religion out of our politics, what happened?


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