A Top 25% In The World Podcast!

The Methodist church is splitting apart, which momentarily will distract the good Friar and Rabbi Dave from the bigger issues of the day, such as the Britney Griner trade and the Twitter files.

But even none of that should distract from the major accomplishment of this show, what the frock, achieved in 2022!!! (three exclamation show, so you know that we mean it)



Is it the end of the world as we know it? With all these international brouhaha going on these days, it seems like we might be. Part of the problem is that some people ever thought that podcasts were anything other than radio to begin with. Seriously.

Rabbi Dave got a new cell phone, and at long lost, his greatest dream has been achieved!



Show Me On The Doll Where Ben Shapiro Hurt You

This past week, the Podcast Movement, which isn’t the entirety of podcasting by any means, decided to have it’s annual conference at which they sold space to The Daily Wire, based upon their (Daily Wires) “heavy involvement in podcasting.” Then the PM decided to apologize to the world for it.

The State of California has decided to go a step further and ban the sale of ALL internal combustion engine vehicles a little over a decade from now. Why anybody still lives there is beyond the Rabbi, but there is a bigger problem with this whole thing… 

It turns out that the whole “She-Hulk” thing is actually real. There really is a show featuring a woman who gets Hulk powers but because she’s a woman she deals with the emotions better than Bruce Banner. Unfortunately, the interwebs do not…

All that and more this week on What the Frock?

NOTE: Just as this show ended, Dave received the text informing him that his father had passed away. We apologize for the delay in editing and posting, but we know that you will understand.