Deep Fake UFOs

Recent developments in the world of AI have the good Friar and the Rabbi concerned about the things that might be coming in the future. It’s more than just using AI to create deep fakes that offend and outrage. In a politically charged atmosphere, how will you discern truth from the fake?

It appears to be open season on UFOs. The Pentagon told us that at least three have now been shot down. West Taiwanese satellites are now being used to put on laser light shows in Hawaii.

All that and more Burt Reynolds than you ever wanted this week on What The Frock?


Pure evil, Etm…

After a rough night, the Rabbi and the Friar are up and at it to celebrate all things Balloon! A weird fish story has them not wondering WTF, while Flori-dah has them wondering WTF? A look at language has them saying putain de merde, Etm!

The State of the Union is coming up this week… let’s take bets on what JaBiden will say and not say!

Oregon… Keep Right

At long last the summer voyages are over and the Rabbi and the Friar have returned.

After four thousand miles across the country at 80mph because nowadays that is “safe,” and a couple of gas stops in Oregon, Dave has a serious message for America. Listen up, because you need to hear this and this nations drivers need to their act together and start driving like we’re supposed to.

In the ensuing days, Dave managed to get his Facebook account nuked. Or maybe not. Who knows? Facebook isn’t saying. But it’s now absolutely clear where that line which cannot be crossed is found.

The parties in New York City have found a new home, and the entire state of Oregon is just flat out stupid. All of you.

And just in case you really didn’t want to know about it, AOC is mad and Samantha Bee is at long last going away…