He Touched the Ball with His Hands…

Good day, hosers! Rabbi Dave has returned from his voyage across the mighty Pacific Ocean! While he was gone, things changed… Dilbert got canceled, Project Veritas got rid of James O’Keefe, and even James Bond got rewritten to make him less… James Bond…

Turns out Coke and Pepsi are good for something’s, while telling people that we orbit the sun will get you thrown in jail.

All that and more today on What The Frock?


Father’s Day (For Real this Time…)

“Plausible deniability” is the goal of the day as it turns out that Friar Cook not only is a potential domestic terrorist, but appears to already be on more than one “list” for those organizations tasked with rooting out the extremists.

Meanwhile, it is Father’s Day, this time for real! Rabbi Dave has his cinnamon rolls and is living the good life today, but is sans clothing really the way to go today?

Follow the Science says that left turns should be verboten!

Hunter Biden has a new career, which is better than having somebody crap on your lawn.

Norwich City and Newcastle United will play each other this season for the first time in three years. This necessitates a bet between the Friar and the Rabbi which literally nobody else on the planet outside of the Yellow Army and the Toon Army will actually care about.