What Is Wrong At Harvard?

A Law professor at Harvard – the smartest school in America – says that there is just too much free speech out there, especially on the interwebs. And he isn’t even close to being the dumbest professor at Harvard – the smartest school in America.

Speaking of dumb, what if the Bud Lite execs , who have said that they had no clue what was going on, actually didn’t know what was going on? was firing Tucker Carlson a dumb move or a master stroke of manipulation?

People are dumb enough to want to pretend to be disabled, and some doctors are dumb enough to go along. In Bremerton this morning, the revolution came and went on a Ferry boat.

And it’s Coronation week! Congrats to King Chuck III, who, in a time of international war and brouhaha, has decided to signal his commitment to peace and prosperity by having a short coronation ceremony and wear a military uniform.

All that and more (Dave buys a book on camping) this week on What The Frock?