According to a recent report, people who read The Lord of the Rings and 1984, are “more likely” to become “right wing extremists.” Unfortunately, the report had no information about middle aged men who follow crypto currency scams on Instagram.

Meanwhile, the National Park service has some advice in case of bears, and we are now living in the final hours before the world no longer has a History of the World Pt II… All that and more, this week on What The Frock with Rabbi Dave and Friar Rod…


Miss Croatia

Friar Rod and Rabbi Dave are deeply concerned that the true reason for the season has been… well… lost. They are also worried about the lack of Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes in the Central Valley of California.

The World Cup is over for the United States, but NOT for the nation of Croatia. The locals in Qatar don’t really like Croatia’s biggest star, or the football team either.

The Mayan’s might be bringing back human sacrifice, especially for women who twerk on top of their temples, while the Liver King turns out to be… well… a complete and total fake. Who didn’t see that coming?

What Would Jesus Do?

The whole Martha’s Vineyard fiasco finally went there. The entire argument became “Who are the “true” Christians? Meanwhile, Meta, which used to be Facebook, is performing a silver platter service for the FBI.

If you’re going to cheat at chess, make it stimulating. And if you happen to be in SeaTac’s North Park, you’ll need a helmet!

The President’s Big Stick

It is definitely NOT Father’s Day, but that doesn’t make what is being said by the Presidents, the Mayor of Seattle or some (we assume) chick on Tik Tok make anymore sense…

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