Rabbi Dave is ready for Hanukkah, which begins tonight at sundown. Friar Rod is still convinced that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

The onset of the next COVID panic has already begun. Let the lockdowns and mandates begin anew, over a variant that (a) probably is less virulent and (b) NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT ANYWAY!

People are really touchy about bad Yelp reviews, but not as touchy as a Preacher who had a midnight rendezvous with a reptilian Persian Emperor. It’ll all make you say, What the Frock?


King Louis’ Dirty Derriere

On the morning after the Ludi Romani, Rabbi Dave is feeling a bit under the weather. Unusually, The Good Friar Cook is feeling just fine. The Internet is rapidly becoming a place of censorship and idea control by using the magic phrase “content moderation…”

Rabbi Dave has a set of questions that are guaranteed to get a “COVID-19 Informational” box slapped on the post by Facebook. The poet e.e. cummings is in the news and Dave HATES one particular patriotic song and the reason involves the French King Louis XIV’s dirty butt.