Stop us if you’ve heard this one before… masks are back and better than ever! Apparently OnlyFans has tired of making gobs and gobs of money. It’s either that or there is something more nefarious afoot. Mad Scientists are growing brains in Petri dishes and Woke culture is turning everything to… well… you know…


Sex Crabs

After an unexpected week off, Rabbi Dave headed for the hills, while Friar Rod was busy donating platelets and trying to keep his daughter out of jail.

The boys return just in time for another useless mask mandate, which has them a bit on edge. football, bit American and European, is underway, and it was NOT a good start to the season and another useless start for the American version. Meanwhile, Hermit crabs are getting frisky and State Patrol Officers are trying to explain what they missed in North Carolina.

See those birds up there in the air? They might not be real…

Dong Copter

Time Travel gives Rabbi Dave headaches. Even if you could go back just one year, what could you actually change? In Arizona, a political attack will have you saying WTF? It turns out that the Colonial Pipeline security system was pretty much the same as the one on President Skroob’s luggage.

And June 6th is an important day. Not only is if the anniversary of D-Day, but it’s is also the sixtieth wedding anniversary for Dave’s parents, an event that could be an interesting trip for a time traveler…


Rabbi Dave finally got his second shot. It led to a strange week… The Colonial Pipeline attack has the Facebook Experts crawling out to inform us that would have handled it better and quicker than was done. Of course, the Good Friar Cook actually happens to be an expert IT security professional. He will remind us of of a few things that the Keyboard warriors seem to have overlooked.

On the Bay Area Freeways the CHiPs discovered a self driving car that wasn’t supposed to be doing that; while in India there may be other reasons that the COVID-19 is spreading.

A hundred years ago Italy and what was then Austria-Hungary fought against each other in the bitter cold of the alpine mountains that separated the two nations as a part of the most useless war in history. Now, you can see the artifacts of that fight. Because of global warming?