King Tut

It’s the day that we celebrate the long and complicated human tradition of a belief in resurrection. Yesterday in Cairo, twenty-two mummies of New Kingdom Pharaohs and Queens were paraded through town as they were moved to a brand new museum prepared just for them.

They are a reminder of how long humans have believed in or hoped for an afterlife.

Friar Cook has a reminder about the necessity of locking down your internet security. And in the WTF segment, we have a special request to return to one of Rabbi’s Dave’s favorite places, Flathead County, Montana…




The freedom to criticize opera is one of the most fundamental rights we have in this country. What you do not have the freedom to do is to sing along. They (Opera people) hate that.

The Internet of Stuff has taken over our lives… and now our afterlives.

And in what should become the most epic opera since “A True Daughter of the Party,” Helen Hywater and Caroline Nesbitt have created the most incredibly entertaining argument in the history of broccoli casserole…