The Venn Diagram Ménage à Trois

Rabbi Dave is having a tough time of things. Some of you… and you know who you are… have hurt his feelings. Meanwhile the Vice President of the United States has a weird sexual inclination. And she’s willing to openly discuss it, while cackling and clearly thinking about pushing the old guy off the stage. The Paul Pelosi story is weird. I think that we can all agree on that, even if you actually believe that some random undocumented Canadian nudist broke in and just whacked him with a hammer without any reason whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Friar Rod’s bird is finally free! Twitter is now a fully owned subsidiary of Elon Musk who is busy firing a bunch of Data Engineers.

Halloween is bringing out the attention whores, including one who is entertaining dead people, while Russia is having major problems with its entertainment industry, specifically comedy. Which might be an opening for Rabbi Dave?

And while the airlines are going to make the seats even smaller, a discussion ensues as to exactly and specifically why Dave hates to fly.

All this week on What the Frock?, your fashion industry podcast leader!


Happy Freaking New Year

It’s 2022. Sorry, but we thought that we were supposed to be dead, so we didn’t plan much for this first show of the “Winter of Death!”

Dave is feeling morose over the prospects of the new year. It’s been a rarity in his long life, but this seems like the perfect year to throw anther World War. Rod has some new equipment and some issues with idols and mannequins, while watching some of the nonsense over the “insurrection: has the boys saying “WTF?”