The Raines Facebook

The COVID madness continues. It’s hard to believe that we are even dumber after eighteen months of this nonsense, but… we are…

A big part of the problem continues to be Social Media, especially Facebook, which has now produced a second “whistleblower” to bolster it’s desire to regulate the industry. Of course, more and more people are now finding ways to Raines Sandwich the Social Media Giant, because that’s what real Americans do. And have done for generations.

Sugar daddies are seeking Sugar… daughters? Did Dr. FauciToday┬« finally cross the line?

Rabbi Dave is deeply concerned about the bet with FriarJedi Rod over the Norwich City-Newcastle match..


In the year of our Lord 1810, a celebration was held to commemorate the marriage of a beautiful and beloved princess to an absolute jerk of a Prince who would go on to become King. Eventually the people got rid of the ruler, but they kept the celebration. Which serves to remind us that our expectations of our leaders are – more often than not – misplaced and subject to great disappointment.

Speaking of expecting our people to act rationally, did you know that you cannot wear white after Labor Day? Technically it was September 12th, until the President was forced to get involved in the argument.

The US Navy once saved this country from an invasive species of malevolent giant snails. Florida would do well to call upon the Navy. Meanwhile in London, you can buy a very expensive house with some very special shrubbery…

Crab Rangoon’s

Rabbi Dave remains unconvinced that the “religious exemption” argument is a valid, especially for government football coaches for mediocre programs. Friar Jedi Cook on the other hand, believes that the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines is a valid religious exemption, although it’s unclear as to what religions (if any) actually hold that position.

Then again, Dave is of the stated belief that the USS Connecticut was grabbed by a Kraken. It makes as much sense as anything else.

Crab Rangoon’s are ubiquitous at Chinese Restaurants in the United States. But don’t look for them in China. Why not? Because it turns out that American Chinese culture, mixed with Tiki Culture (Think Trader Vic’s) has been an enormous influence on what Americans think is delicious Chinese food.

Be careful of the atomic wedgies and be ever so thankful for the death penalty. It will leave you asking… What the Frock?


Day By Day

Rabbi Dave is joined by the newly minted Jedi Knight Rod who recently joined the Church of the Jedi to ask a few questions, which is what goliards do.

Were the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by an air burst weapon, ala Tunguska? A recent scientific paper says that it happened just that way. But don’t just follow that science quite so fast!

No one ever expects the Ninjas. Especially in the middle of the night on a Special Forces base in California. And in the great tradition of the “White Canvas” art movement, a Danish artist has decided that the best art is the art of theft.

In 1944 a US Airborne trooper did his wounded buddy a solid. Years later he discovered that his actions that day had become legendary. And delicious.

We have a bunch of new listeners thanks to the comic strip Day by Day, which will feature the show this week.

WTF: The Grand Inquisitor

Rabbi Dave and Friar Rod gather again to talk about the issues of the day. Sure… it’s not the “weekend,” but who really cares?

One of the more amazing effects of the way we live today is how information that displeases us is treated. You might think that this is something new, but it’s really not. even Dostoyevsky spent a lot of pages telling a long involved poem about it…

We’re all going to die, but at least we’re not on Jupiter. And do you lean Jedi over Sith? That’s because you are a sexist, and and you’re a bigot with a need to over compensate…