Rabbi Dave is morose this morning. Why? Because now that Autumn is upon us, he is realizing that life no longer has any meaning because Evil never rests and will always conquer good. It is relentless and no amount of comfort from Friar Rod will restore his faith in humanity or baseball.

The proof of the Rabbi’s theory on evil can be found in the city of Stockton, CA. It s here that a Serial Killer has been caught. But it won’t be the last one.

Friar Rod has an obsession with AI. Now he’s thinking about switching political parties. and whatever you do this month – DO NOT GO TO SALEM WITHOUT A PLAN!

Speaking of politics, at least one candidate for Congress has an interesting approach to the concept of political ads…


Wait… Velma is Gay?

With his liver functions no longer “elevated,” Rabbi Dave is reduced to taking Benadryl to try and sleep. The problem is it makes him late to stuff. Neither of the boys have seen the new rom-com “Bros.” Is it because they are homophobes or because the film isn’t that good?

To the surprise nobody who doesn’t wok for Fox News or the Blaze, the Scooby Doo character, Velma, turned out to be a lesbian. Really… who was surprised by this?

Our hero John Malkovich has a new movie coming out… in 2015, and parental behavior at high school football games it out of whack.

It’s a no-nukes version of What the Frock!


Is it the end of the world as we know it? With all these international brouhaha going on these days, it seems like we might be. Part of the problem is that some people ever thought that podcasts were anything other than radio to begin with. Seriously.

Rabbi Dave got a new cell phone, and at long lost, his greatest dream has been achieved!



Adieu, Mr. Earl Jones

On this sad day, the Rabbi and the Friar lament the departure of James Earl Jones, the very voice of Star Wars and King Jaffe Joffer.

Meanwhile there was no military coup in west Taiwan on Friday, so why did so many people believe that there had been one? The answer is becoming increasingly a problem, as Social Media once against demonstrates its scary ability to put information – bad or good – out there in a hurry.

Have you tried the latest Social Media challenge, “Sleepy Chicken?” Of course not. Because you are not a moron. If you’re going to divorce your wife, don’t ask for a divine trial. She’s not a witch…

What Would Jesus Do?

The whole Martha’s Vineyard fiasco finally went there. The entire argument became “Who are the “true” Christians? Meanwhile, Meta, which used to be Facebook, is performing a silver platter service for the FBI.

If you’re going to cheat at chess, make it stimulating. And if you happen to be in SeaTac’s North Park, you’ll need a helmet!