That’s Just Yonkers!

The good news isn’t that Britney Griner is back playing practice games in the WNBA. It’s what she says about it that really has people excited.

Meanwhile the City of Yonkers, New York is really mad at New York City over the dumping of illegal immigrants. But even Yonkers isn’t as mad as a Florida couple who had planned to get married in Orange County (NY), but… well… their big day got usurped by the same thing.

Dave’s getting ready to hit the road, so savor this tasty morsel of What The Frock…


King Chuck’s Sexy Sausage Fingers

Yes, King Chuck III got hisself coronated yesterday at three in the morning. we did not get up to watch. That said, we still have questions.

A man is dead after his behavior on the NYC Subway caused problems. The bigger question is whether or not this was truly just “mental illness” or if it was learned behavior?

King Chuck has “giant sausage fingers.” And now, for just $63, you can suck on them.

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