Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

It’s the morning of the Daylight Savings Time “Spring forward” time change. There is always a lot of confusion, a lot of arguments and… a lot of resentment.

Privacy concerns dominate the news, with the FBI admitting (finally) that it has continued to purchase data from cell phone providers. At the same time, a nonprofit Catholic group has also purchased VERY specific data from a specific App in order to out and to dox a very specific group that it does not like.

Do you grow or show? The Washington State Legislature weighs in and makes you say, WTF?




According to a recent report, people who read The Lord of the Rings and 1984, are “more likely” to become “right wing extremists.” Unfortunately, the report had no information about middle aged men who follow crypto currency scams on Instagram.

Meanwhile, the National Park service has some advice in case of bears, and we are now living in the final hours before the world no longer has a History of the World Pt II… All that and more, this week on What The Frock with Rabbi Dave and Friar Rod…