“The” French

The Associated Press spent “the” week apologizing for the one sin that requires no atonement whatsoever. Somebody who works at the AP decided that in one of their stories they had referred to “the” French by a derogatory term. It’s hard to imagine that such a term exists but in their mind, it does and they had offended “the” entire French world by using the offensive term.

And the entire world, including “The” French, laughed at them.

More documents, more fun, more turkeys and straws…

All this week on What “The” Frock?


Three Days of Darkness

It seems like everywhere you turn, AI Chatbots are taking over the world. And maybe even WTF? It seems that religious leaders are starting to use AAI to write their sermons, which could be a problem because how in the name of G-d could an AI Chabot explain the Plague of Darkness which has Dave in a dither this week?

The Conservative media world seems to be lost in a dispute over $20Million. Either that or the people involved are just… well… stupid.

Shrinkage has now been confirmed by science, while Shakira caught her cheating ex with some amazing detective work. And in Cincinnati, you’ll have to choose which Mass to attend based on the position of the Priest… Beware the Darkness!

Dave Says “I’m Not a Conspiracy Guy, But…”

The Vice President of the United States is always one heartbeat away from the Presidency. Or these days, one box of CLASSIFIED documents from the Oval Office? Maybe? Or is all that just a conspiracy theory?

Kinda like whether or not the climate induced cardiac events are actually happening. Or not?

We’ve got a listener WTF and in the middle of that we learn that Prince Harry tried to kill the King. Once upon a time that would have gotten him sent to the Tower.

Dave now knows why he takes the statins, and he’s got big plans for when he wins the lottery!

What’s the 4-1-1?

Welcome to 2023. New year, same old weirdness. Telephone Operators who man the 4-1-1 lines are now out of a job. We have a big list of things that will probably happen in 2023. Or not.

The Two Princes of England has us rooting for Oliver Cromwell to make a comback.

No matter what Tik Tok tells you, putting potatoes in your socks is stupid. Almost as stupid as people who call 9-1-1 (which we should also retire) because they can’t delete a voice mail.

It’s the first episode of a new year for What the Frock?