Man, I Feel Like a Woman! Or… a Beer…

After a rough start to the day – or in Friar Rod’s case, a continuation of the previous ¬†evening – the boys are pleased that Congress is finally addressing the most serious issue facing our nation today – Taylor Swift Tickets!

The World Cup begins today. Until a couple of days ago nobody actually cared. But now, Qatar has decided that unless you happen to be a wealthy oil sheik, you cannot have a beer at the games. The director of FIFA has made it clear that this makes him ¬†feel like a… Woman???

And Rabbi Dave got an eMail with the solution to his problem with leg cramps!



Neanderthal DNA (Was re: Election Results)

Welcome to Day Six of the 2022 Midterm elections! It turns out that there is a scientific reason, if not a theological one, that the Neanderthal’s didn’t survive. It has to do with who was loving who.

Rabbi Dave told you six months ago that there would be no “Red Tsunami.” The question is why did so many people believe that there would be?  Was it the as simple as the polls were “wrong?” Or is there an issue with the quality of candidates? And what if the real conspiracy about election counting was in the 60’s through the 80’s, not now?

Despite the long week of more or less bad news (including more threats by the Russians to nuke) there is at least one good story this week. It will make you say “WTF?”

And it’s the best time of year for Dave. His favorite holiday snackage is now available!

Midterms 2022: Le Tits Now!

Thank the gods that it is almost over… for now… What is it? why… It’s THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!!!!!!

It’s not, but that isn’t stopping Chelsea Handler from once again exposing herself to convince you that it IS the most important election ever AND that Daylight Savings Time is a MEGA MAGA Republican conspiracy to keep you from voting.

The simple and unarguable FACT is that this is not only NOT the most important election ever, there are a lot of reasons to believe that literally NOTHING will change whichever way it goes.

The Supreme Court has decided to wade into the Section 230 waters. Ultimately it’s about WHO gets to decide what speech is allowed and not allowed on the interwebs.

The Trashtros cheated to win another World Series, while the World Corn Hole Championships suffered their own cheating scandal.

All that and more on this weeks episode of “What The Frock?