Harbingers of Doom!

After getting a late start on a Passover Sunday morning, the Rabbi is deeply concerned about the rise of AI machines, which are now even being used to make… coffee??? The Good Friar is here to calm things down. Or not…

Elon Musk wants to buy twitter, which is causing all kinds of Goliardesque behavior that has everybody confused as to whether or not it’s satire or whether or not anybody actually believes that Nazi’s and King George III both believed in free speech???

In Switzerland, a man overdid a thing, while in cosmic WTFs, the LARGEST COMET EVER FOUND IS ON A DIRECT COURSE TO EARTH!!!!!!

In “News That We Don’t Know Why Anybody Would Care About,” The Queen plays hooky on Easter Sunday, the USFL proves that football has gone soft and it’s pretty clear that many of you were absolutely NOT wearing protection during the pandemic.

It’ll all make you wonder, What the Frock????


When Did Life Become a Tom Clancy Novel?

As the world turns, things are getting really, and we mean really, weird! The word which we no longer say is making a comeback, complete with robot dogs threatening grandma. Russia finally has an explanation for the reasons behind its invasion of Ukraine, and it’s definitely not what we thought it would be. The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo once entertained us with some science fiction fantasy. But Rabbi Dave is become increasingly concerned about Friar Rods AI life…


The Jiggly Room

The good Friar is highly distracted today as his beloved Newcastle is losing badly to Tottenham. Rabbi Dave’s team, Norwich City, is in dead last place, so he doesn’t care anymore.

So where did Disney go wrong? Some think it was when they hired activists, other think it was when they lied to the American people about the lemmings. Rabbi Dave has a theory that involves neither of those…

The War in Ukraine is providing the Russian leader with plenty of opportunities to ask the question: What the Frock???

Friar Rod has a story about a woman getting revenge on her boyfriend who can’t stop going to the Jiggly Room. It is yet another case of truth following fiction. Meanwhile many people have weighed in on the (faux) “Slap Heard Round the World,” including the one man who would absolutely know…