Birds Aren’t Real

It’s the 2021 finale for Friar Rod and Rabbi Dave. They talk trolls and birds (along with dinosaurs and Christians), and it’s that time of the year when they bring your their look at the latest Hallmark Holiday flicks!

How much would you fork over to some “company’ to drop you off in the middle of some foreign country and leave you there? For fun? Once upon a time the Rabbi took one for the team and saw Sex and the City 2. The Peloton company is kinda wishing that they hadn’t seen it, but they want you to know that they can help keep you alive…

Unlike Mr. Big…




Rabbi Dave has arisen from his muscle relaxer induced coma to share the hour with the Good Friar Rod as they ask questions about how the government is doing things and why Trevor Noah is in some “hot water” for finally at least appearing to see the obvious answer in front of his not so funny face.

Did you know that JaBiden is the worst treated by the media President in history? Delta Airlines had an… interesting(?) problem last week, and for reasons that nobody can seem to answer, Chris Cuomo still has his job – even after being fired.

Ho, ho, ho, it’s the first WTF of the Holiday Season!