Rabbi Dave is ready for Hanukkah, which begins tonight at sundown. Friar Rod is still convinced that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

The onset of the next COVID panic has already begun. Let the lockdowns and mandates begin anew, over a variant that (a) probably is less virulent and (b) NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT ANYWAY!

People are really touchy about bad Yelp reviews, but not as touchy as a Preacher who had a midnight rendezvous with a reptilian Persian Emperor. It’ll all make you say, What the Frock?


Slap An Armadillo Day

Both the Friar and the Rabbi are… experiencing the after effects of too much drink, song and social media. The Good Friar is in Twitter Jail, while the Rabbi is fascinated by an alien invasion of North Carolina. Bless their hearts…

Some technical issues have the show time limited again, but the boys are still here to ask the question: What The Frock?


St. Brice’s Day

Rabbi Dave and Friar Cook recall the tragic events of St. Brice’s Day, when the invading Danish Vikings finally paid a terrible prices for… bathing.

Meanwhile, Gavin Newsome, who cackled and exploded into bats, finally showed up after two weeks, at a wedding officiated by Nancy Pelosi. You cannot make this stuff up, folks.

As you know, Dave HATES Disney. He always has. Why, you may ask? He explains just one of the reasons.

The Nation is divided, but we don’t have the time to talk about it…

How You Dune?

The new version of the 1965 Novel, Dune” is out, and while it is a massive improvement over the 1984 version, there are still a few people who are not happy about it. From our perspective, the focus on human interaction is particularly intriguing and there are more than a few applicable to our time ideas here.

Millennial’s are upset because life, as it turns out, isĀ  not easy.

Listeners are sending us texts, and things are getting weird at nuclear power plants…