WTF: The Grand Inquisitor

Rabbi Dave and Friar Rod gather again to talk about the issues of the day. Sure… it’s not the “weekend,” but who really cares?

One of the more amazing effects of the way we live today is how information that displeases us is treated. You might think that this is something new, but it’s really not. even Dostoyevsky spent a lot of pages telling a long involved poem about it…

We’re all going to die, but at least we’re not on Jupiter. And do you lean Jedi over Sith? That’s because you are a sexist, and and you’re a bigot with a need to over compensate…


Absurd Arguments (in Pirate)

Rabbi Dave replaced his computer this week, so of course the sound inputs aren’t working correctly… the absurdity of the “Religious Exemption” to the vaccine mandate is pretty obvious when you think about it, even to a Christian Scientist (which is NOT a Scientologist). The best argument for an exemptions is to just be a politician!

It’s a “Talk Like a Pirate Day” episode of What the Frock!

King Louis’ Dirty Derriere

On the morning after the Ludi Romani, Rabbi Dave is feeling a bit under the weather. Unusually, The Good Friar Cook is feeling just fine. The Internet is rapidly becoming a place of censorship and idea control by using the magic phrase “content moderation…”

Rabbi Dave has a set of questions that are guaranteed to get a “COVID-19 Informational” box slapped on the post by Facebook. The poet e.e. cummings is in the news and Dave HATES one particular patriotic song and the reason involves the French King Louis XIV’s dirty butt.