It’s hot.

Seriously… Seattle is melting and it’s taking the bridges with it.

Meanwhile, have you gotten your F-15 or nuclear weapons yet? Like an air conditioner you might want to avoid the rush and get it today! The COVID Merry Go round of Stupidity continues to spin, this time the NCAA manages to screw up which is really no big surprise. They’ll just blame COVID protocols!

If you’re looking for a good time, you might want to vist  the Redneck Rave. Or a Home depot exorcism. But do it while Friar Cook is out walking his dogs that refuse to use their doggie door anymore.

As the boys head off on sabbatical, they remind you to go ahead and buy your new computer and to download, like, share and rate the show!


Father’s Day (For Real this Time…)

“Plausible deniability” is the goal of the day as it turns out that Friar Cook not only is a potential domestic terrorist, but appears to already be on more than one “list” for those organizations tasked with rooting out the extremists.

Meanwhile, it is Father’s Day, this time for real! Rabbi Dave has his cinnamon rolls and is living the good life today, but is sans clothing really the way to go today?

Follow the Science says that left turns should be verboten!

Hunter Biden has a new career, which is better than having somebody crap on your lawn.

Norwich City and Newcastle United will play each other this season for the first time in three years. This necessitates a bet between the Friar and the Rabbi which literally nobody else on the planet outside of the Yellow Army and the Toon Army will actually care about.

The President’s Big Stick

It is definitely NOT Father’s Day, but that doesn’t make what is being said by the Presidents, the Mayor of Seattle or some (we assume) chick on Tik Tok make anymore sense…

Blowing a Three Run Lead
Dave Bowman
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Joe Kelly’s Slider
Dave Bowman
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The Edge of Everything
Dave Bowman
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Dong Copter

Time Travel gives Rabbi Dave headaches. Even if you could go back just one year, what could you actually change? In Arizona, a political attack will have you saying WTF? It turns out that the Colonial Pipeline security system was pretty much the same as the one on President Skroob’s luggage.

And June 6th is an important day. Not only is if the anniversary of D-Day, but it’s is also the sixtieth wedding anniversary for Dave’s parents, an event that could be an interesting trip for a time traveler…