In the early part of the 20th Century, there was a great opportunity to change things for the better. Instead, one man saw a chance to gain personal power and prestige and in the process, brought destruction and devastation while unleashing the worst mass killer in the history of humanity.

Lessons were not learned, and today an eighty-year old geriatric doctor hold sway over what happens to millions of people pretty much all of whom think that he should have retired back in the 1980s.

The Round Mound of Rebound has a great idea that would convince Dave to actually buy tickets to see NBA games. Meanwhile Rod is deeply concerned about trees farting.

And what was the worst year to be alive?


Darwin Awards

After a couple of weeks of deafness, Dave can finally hear again. Also, we no longer have to wear facemasks.


The cancelling of dead white guys who contributed to society and science continues, as now even Charles Darwin finds himself on the chopping block for being a racists, sexist, misogynist who shouldn’t be remembered for anything else.

The Good Friar and the Rabbi are here to help you step up your dating game!



Rabbi Dave finally got his second shot. It led to a strange week… The Colonial Pipeline attack has the Facebook Experts crawling out to inform us that would have handled it better and quicker than was done. Of course, the Good Friar Cook actually happens to be an expert IT security professional. He will remind us of of a few things that the Keyboard warriors seem to have overlooked.

On the Bay Area Freeways the CHiPs discovered a self driving car that wasn’t supposed to be doing that; while in India there may be other reasons that the COVID-19 is spreading.

A hundred years ago Italy and what was then Austria-Hungary fought against each other in the bitter cold of the alpine mountains that separated the two nations as a part of the most useless war in history. Now, you can see the artifacts of that fight. Because of global warming?

Abby Normal

As we slowly seem to approach the end(?) of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has the boys wondering what exactly does “normal” actually mean? Will it be a return to the same problems we ┬áhad before the pandemic so rudely interrupted them? Will Governors realize that the fastest way to lose re-election is to cross their own constituency?

Popsicles are great! Maybe not fifty-one cases of them, but still… And do you suffer from or know someone who suffers from PSD? Rabbi Dave is here with the help that you need to deal with the problem and to help others get through the pain of PSD.

Better Than Sex

Dave and Rod are becoming concerned that there is a reason that the media is ignoring the Biden gaffes, but not trying to cover them up. It’s almost like they want us talking about them which is very unlike the media under previous Presidents.

Meanwhile, life aboard a submarine is nothing like what it says in the article about what life aboard a submarine is like. And apparently people are confused by the concept of “meat.”

It’s really hard to believe, after the debacle that was the Super Bowl ads, but now more people than ever are participating in the annoyance that is ASMR. And now we learn than many of these idiots actually believe that ASMR is better than sex…