Mazel Tov, Bitches!

As every true goliard knows, the greatest threat to what we do is those in power getting rid of those who dare to say “No,” to them. It happened in 1933, and it happened again – at least in threat – this past week when a Congresswoman decided that nobody should be telling her that the rules mean she cannot just do whatever she wants. Like most tyrants, she reacted as one would expect.

The Good Friar Cook has some guidelines for us on how to Zoom, almost none of which Rabbi Dave follows.

And in WTF News, never go preaching door-to-door if you have forgotten to dress properly… or at all (guess the State?). And world famous and fabulously rich rap artist Azealia Banks says that being Jewish is easy! Mazel tov, Bitches!



Irony, thy name is What The Frock?

After a power outage induced recording delay, Friar Cook and Rabbi Dave talk a Texas sized power related fiasco, coffee, Davido’s Tequila (If You Can Still See, It’s NOT Davido’s!) and the cultural appropriate of labels by social media influencers who are not Mexican nationals…


It’s Lupercalia!

For those of you still stuck in the 21st Century, that’s the pagan Rome celebration of whipping women and then “romancing” them for an entire year that later was replaced by Valentine’s Day, a celebration of a creepy old dude getting his head cut off after professing his love for a formerly blind jail-keepers daughter!


Also Coyotes from both Florida and Silverdale are involved because it wouldn’t be Lupercalia without them!

Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge (Or Not…)

The MOST important thing to keep in mind right now – above all else – is that no matter what you’ve been told or what you believe, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that they are better than you.

And they know it.

Which is why if you did what they did, you’d go to jail, but they get to brush off 60 Minutes and keep on trucking…