Les R├Ęgles Sont Pour Toi, Pas Pour Moi

It’s been a good week for Goliards! Unless you happen to be a Robin Hood type, then maybe not so much?

States are beginning to enter Phase II, but once again, the rules make absolutely Zero sense. Arbitrary lines seem to be more about who voted for a Governor than any actual scientific data about the virus.

At least one large equity fund is preparing to buy your data. So… you PAID somebody to test your DNA, now that data will be purchased by a giant company which has announced that it will sell that data to whomever wants it. For what, exactly?



The freedom to criticize opera is one of the most fundamental rights we have in this country. What you do not have the freedom to do is to sing along. They (Opera people) hate that.

The Internet of Stuff has taken over our lives… and now our afterlives.

And in what should become the most epic opera since “A True Daughter of the Party,” Helen Hywater and Caroline Nesbitt have created the most incredibly entertaining argument in the history of broccoli casserole…

The Discovery of the Antarctic Circle

In 1773, Captain James Cook, who is NOT related to the Friar, “discovered” the Antarctic Circle.

That goes to show that having a good Media Packaging system is really the critical element. And of course, no matter what happens this week in the nations capitol, the media package is what will matter to most people…


Festum Asinorum

It’s time for the Feast of the Ass!

Which, by the by, is NOT the title of a porn flick. It was a service once mocked by the Goliards for its absurdity and silliness.

Which one could argue has a very obvious modern parallel on full display for everybody to he haw about…